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Thread: Commons/Inserts for Card Cash

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    Commons/Inserts for Card Cash

    Look at my un-updated site and let me know if you can use anything. I also have boxes of commons, name players, teams, ect. Thanks.

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    trade for cc

    How many CC do you want for each:
    03 UD mask collection Jersey Yzerman /150
    04 SPA FW AU Tootoo/900
    PLMK thanks.John

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    I could use these:
    1)2004 UD Series I Team Essentials Sundin Blue
    2)2004 Bowman GOLD Sundin 105
    3)2003 BAP Signature Series RC LEoplod 195
    4)2003 Upper Deck Series I Shooting Stars Steve Ott ST-SO
    5)2003 Bowman YS RC Tellqvist
    6)2003 Stadium Club RC Prusek #116
    7)2002 UD YG Prusek #215

    8)2004 Upper Deck Black Diamond #35 (Jovanovski)
    9)2004 Upper Deck Black Diamond #38 (Briere)
    10)2004 Upper Deck Black Diamond #71 (Antropov)
    11)2004 Upper Deck SPx #11 (Turco)

    I'll add more later, I'm still going through your base cards.
    Just reply with the item # and how much your looking for each.

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