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    The Scan is attached; this Muhammad Ali Signed sports illustrated is from a signing here in my home town, St. Joseph, Michigan. I do have a picture of me with him, with the magazine in my hand, that I can email out to you! I am looking for any high end football cards, and Denver Broncos stuff, let me know if your interested! I am a huge ali fan, but have a few other of his stuff, and just had unload some of it! Take Care, and LMK!

    -Cliff R. Crumpton

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    I'm a huge boxing fan and would love a shot at it...I've got some nice football stuff but what price range are you looking to get for it in trade. The only higher end Bronco I have is a 97 Pinnacle Mint John Elway Gold Mint collection. Also could you e-mail me the picture and possibly another scan of it, the one attached above is only downloading about 2 inches of the top, Thanks

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    I'll get back to you on here...have to run some errands...bring the offers...this is pic is messed up for some reason, but I will get on a link in a an hour or so....

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