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Thread: Ndudi Ebi Question...

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    Ndudi Ebi Question...

    On his topps rookie he is holding a jersey and it he has 6 fingers, is this a misprint or true?

    Thanks matt

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    yeah the had that in one of the beckett issues it's something that's been around

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    Oh I must have missed that. But to have 6 fingers he must have good control of the ball! lol

    thanks stalkingwolf


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    it's pritty weird though every body prob thinks that it is rare or something i have a card similer to that but the letter are over laping the other letter`

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    I think the error Bigtimecollector refers to isn't with the card, it's in regards to the pic showing Ndudi's hands actually having 6 FINGERS...

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    Beckett did run an article about that but I didnt get to read the article. I was told it was a mistake with the development of the picture that during the rush to get the cards out missed the inspection process. I have many cards of Ebi and on some of the other cards that show his hands he only has 5 fingers.

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