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    Looking for Die-Cut All-Star Cards

    Looking for all UD SE Die-Cut All-Star cards. both present and future. e-mail me if you have any.

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    I have 4 K. Garnett, P. Pierce, B.Wallace(2), G.Payton. All 4 $7.00 DLVD. PLMK if you are interested. Thanks Mark

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    Those are this year correct? And why so cheat? I'm not complaining just asking.

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    For me personally, I think the people on this site do not want to cheat each other just be fair. When we open a box and do not get the James or Anthony cards we just want to get something for what spent. This site is very fair. Thanks Mark

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    I will do that then. e-mail me the info and I'll get you the money. Thanks. DN

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    I have the dahntay jones if you need it
    if you have baseball would trade for players in my sig
    thanks and lmk

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