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    I am looking to buy all 2003 Finite Stars and Stripes cards #ed out of /299. Please let me know what you have. Looking to pay around 50% but will pay higher on certian ones, or I have a ton of stuff to trade. Thank you

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    I have Eric Patterson and Stephen Register Finite Stars and Stripes #/299. Please let me know if you have anything from my wantlist. Thanks. Michael

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    Michael, I have most bowman chrome rcs of the guys that you listed on your site, I know Ihave refractor rcs of quiroz, and howard. but have most all the others in bowman chrome rcs. lmk thanks

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    WOW!!! All I can say is you have some really nice stuff on your site. I am really interested in any of these:

    2003 Bowman Chrome Draft Eric Duncan AUTO
    1999 Topps Finest Austin Kearns REF RC
    2002 SP Authentic Michael Aubrey USA RC #/1999

    I am willing to add cash. And please let me know what else you are looking for. Michael

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    Mike, i dont have the Aubrey anymore, I sold it last week, and the Duncan is going in my set, that is the only one I have of him. I didnt see anything else on your list that I was intrested in, but I am sure you have some nice stuff not listed. I like nice Rookie cards of hitters. lmk thanks, Nathan

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    what is the BV on the two stars and stripes you have? lmk thanks

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    They book $8 apiece on the Register and Patterson. I will check to see if I have any others and what other hitter rookies I have to trade. Michael

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    Please let me know if you have any of these: 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft Refractors: Curtis Granderson, Justin Jones, Josh Rupe, Joey Votto, Val Majewski

    Also looking for 2003 USA Autos of Stephen Head, Dustin Pedroia, Justin Verlander, Justin Orenduff, Tyler Greene, and Jeff Larish

    I will get a list of hitter's rookies that I have to trade. Sorry for the delay. This site has been hard to get one and I have been working a lot lately. Michael

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