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    CCAuction: Torry Holt Building Blocks Insert Parallel /225

    He's a great player and this is an awesome card.. should go up.. thought about eBaying it but oh well I'll sell it here..

    Torry Holt 2002 Fleer Tiffany Building Blocks Parallel #260
    Serial Numbered 078/225

    Starting Bid is only 10 cc
    - This Includes S&H -
    Minimum bid incriment is 10 cc

    Bidding Starts The Split Second I post this..
    and Ends Saturday the 17th of April 2004 at 10:31 CST

    If there are two bids at exactly 10:31 the First of the two will win.. I would also include a picture but my scanner isn't working.. plus this a cool card so It would be a shame to ruin the joy of seeing it firsthand after you've won.. Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

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