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Thread: FS Mini Louisville Slugger Bat

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    FS Mini Louisville Slugger Bat

    This is a mini Louisville Slugger bat that they give you when you go to the awesome factory/museum in Louisville,KY. Its about a foot long. Looks like a regular bat. Im looking for 400-500cc, cuz i want to buy a new username. LMK thanks

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    Yes it has been used. it was used by the 2 and a half foot elf at the north pole. lol lol

    i have no way of getting a picture. its like a regular wooden bat barry would use but its just 3x smaller.

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    You don't like Kirk Hammet? I'm assuming that's what it's short for. Metallica's rocks!

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    uhhhh.....sure......j/k lol my last name is kirkham

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    lol. Sorry, Kirk Hammett is a guitarist for the band Metallica. I'll stop cluttering your post now. Again, sorry!

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    i think u shud buy the bat to make up for my emotional problams caused by you cluttering up my topic.
    lol j/k

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