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    buying online

    I wanted to buy some boxes online, but i was a little nervous about using ebay. Does anyone ever have trouble buying on ebay. Also, can someone explain paypal to me.

    Also, does anyone buy from other websites, such as Does anyone know of other privately owned websites that are good for buying, and are there any sites that are cheaper than others?

  2. #2 if the best card store I have seen yet.. check it out..

    as far as ebay goes, as long as they have good feedback (between 98%-100%), you shouldn't worry. Especially if they have at least 200-300 Positive reviews

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    Originally posted by RockfnBttm if the best card store I have seen yet.. check it out..
    I've heard nothing but good things about them as well.

    I just placed an order with last week, and so far I dont have anything positive to report. One of my items is backordered and its holding up shipment, its supposed to be in on friday, I'll call again then and if its not in I'm going to cancel the order. They're a yahoo merchant and I read some of their reviews today... not good. If I had read them ahead of time I never would have place the order with them. Live and learn.

    I have ordered a couple boxes on ebay though, and have been happy with them. I think as long as the seller has good feedback you should be fine.

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