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Thread: Taking Requests

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    Taking Requests

    I'm doing this in Baseball as well, but go ahead and give me names of football players and I should be able to drag cards out for you.

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    Mark Brunell, Byron Leftwich, and Clinton Portis (RC's/auto's only for Portis). Thanks.

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    Man Brunell you are in luck. I've been a broncos fan for as long as i can remember and developed a nice collection of his. I just traded off his Sweet Spot Auto, so i have 1 GU rc /499, and common rc's. I also have a 1 color patch of his (it is patch). if you want it. I have Rookie Premier of Leftwich ($6) and his Fleer Tradition RC (Haven't looked up in a while) So let me know.

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    Cool. LMK exactly what you have and we'll see if we can work something out.

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    02 Bowman Best #117 Blue 150/399 ($40)
    03 Flair Sunday Showdown Jersey patch /100 ($30)
    02 Fleer Tradition ($10)
    02 Topps ($5)
    02 Topps Gallery ($8)

    The others are Sp Auth. and spx but thoughs aren't gonna leave anytime soon. Went through so much to get SP authentics!

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    Is the patch Portis or Leftwich? I only collect RC's and auto's of Portis, so no interest in any gu, parallels, etc. Really only need the Portis Tradition RC out of the three RC's.

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    Im interested in Tim Couch cards & Most Certified NFL Autos...

    lmk what you have and we will work something out!!

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    Feel Free to make an offer on the portis rc. The patch is of Portis.

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