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Thread: new cards

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    new cards

    just added a few of my latest pulls on my trade page, lmk if you're interested in anything

    i'm lookin for miguel cabrera, marcus giles, & josh willinghams for my collection, but i'll consider all trades


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    Wow LOL, well if you got any cards of the 3 Giants in my sig below lmk thanks, from any set :) Understand if you dont wanna look through your cards but if you do cool.

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    i know ive got a foppert 04 ud "star rookie?", i remembered it cuz i saw that u collect him, but i will start savin my giants base for u and we'll make a deal someday

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    What's weird about that Foppert is their are two versions, they are both ud star rookies but one is ud first pitch and the other is just ud. I have the just ud one but not the ud first pitch. Anyway thanks, any cards you want me to start savin for u? Thanks.

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    if u come across any josh willingham's, i live in his hometown and he's my main interest right now, thanks man

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    i like the ticket for four jersey and the mark prior jersey/bat. check my site!

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    No prob will hold onto any of his if I get some, thanks again.

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    pujols- is the jd drew graded? are these up for trade, mauer auto pujols rc's?

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