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    Tomlinson it gradable?

    I pulled a really weird error a few days ago. Its a 02 Fleer Platinum Portraits Ladanian Tomlinson 3 color Jersey card, the weird part is the back says congrats on getting a Drew Brees game used card. Ive been collecting for decades but never bothered with grading much.

    Would this be worth having graded and do grading companies even accept error cards?

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    I think the companies grade cataloged errors like the "no name" Topps Frank Thomas, but a wrong back is generally considered a printing error and I doubt it would come back with a grade. The main reason is it is not a single card it is two. Is it a Brees card with a wrong front or a card with a wrong back. With that big of a "problem" I can't imagine you getting a grade. Usually wrong backs are specialty cards collected by very few. I would guess those collectors are paying a premium for the error - maybe not - and that a grade would not change the price they are willing to pay for it.

    I'd save my grading money for cards I consider perfect and want that opinion verified. For cards with any problems I'd save my money.

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