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Thread: Baseball Rookie lots for cc

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    Baseball Rookie lots for cc

    Hi i would like to move some rookie cards for 30 CC per lot.( shipped ).

    Each lot will consist of 10 rookies(these will be random cards) i will not look through and pick teams. How they come out of the box is how i will ship them. So please do not ask me if i have a certain player.

    I will start of with 10 lots and see how this goes.

    LMK if you would like some.

  2. SCC Black Friday 2017
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    kthudmon002000-- thanks please Pm me your address and send CC .

    Only 4 Lots left , get them before they are all gone.

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    Bonds_25-- Yes that is right

    Please Pm me your address and send CC thanks

    Only 1 lot left.

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    Well that went Pretty well

    SingleDaddyof2-- thanks Please send cc and Pm me your address and i will get cards out to you.

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    SingleDaddyof2-- Recieved cc , but i need your address to package cards up for you .

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