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Thread: new pick ups

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    new pick ups

    opened a few packs today first one pack of skybox autographics.....disappointing!
    i got:
    Greg Dobbs Prospects #1271/1500
    John Labandeira Silver Prospects #24/150
    Torii Hunter Jerseygraphics GU jersey
    (you get one gu or auto per pack, not worth the money)

    then i bought a mini box of Donruss classics (one gu or auto per minibox)
    I got:
    Jamie Brown Rookie #977/1999
    Legendary Jersey Frank Robinson #96/500 (no jersey)
    Legendary Lumbarjacks Frank Robinson #516/1000 (no bat)
    October Heroes Roberto Clemente #541/2499
    Membership Nolan Ryan #1688/2499
    Legendary Lumbarjacks Reggie Jackson GU BAT #53/100
    Classic Combos Cal Ripken/ Eddie Murray DUAL BAT #20/50

    not bad since i got 2 gu! to bad i didn't get an auto though, all are for trade

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    how much bv are you looking for on the Ripken? Im interested.


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    i'm not even sure yet....i saw one with murray/ripken in the fleer set booked at $200, but honestly i have no idea....maybe $100-$150? i could be way off though!

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