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Thread: A couple pre X-Mas Pickups

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    A couple pre X-Mas Pickups

    Thought it was a good deal, couldnt pass it up for the price. I am not much of a hockey guy except for Sabres, Martin Broduer and Wayne Gretzky. Now i have a Gretzky piece to go with my Brodeur! Let me know your thoughts....Good deal???? Possible steal????

    I just could not help myself on this one either...and I got a good price on it me thinks...

    Would enjoy ur thoughts on these.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by BravesFan4Life View Post
    so you bought two or just put the same link twice?

    Oops! Thanks for the heads up!! Second link corrected.

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    It wont let me edit my original post so here is the correct link to my 2nd item

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    Nice! Love the unique auto'd items that aren't manufactured. A restaurant check is a unique item.

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