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    Beckett Collectors Package Auction

    I have a Beckett Collectors package up for auction. Included in this package is:

    1 Big beckett Plus magazine ($9.99 value)

    1 Beckett Baseball Collector ($4.99 value)

    1 Free 5 day grading coupon ($20 value)

    Opening Bid : 70 cc

    Bid increasement: 15 cc

    Ends: Thursday April 22 at 10 PM

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    the grading coupon,is there an expiration date and do i have to buy 1 in order to get the 5 day grade going?and the mags,where can i use those coupons?At a book store?only at beckett?Please pm me with as much info very interested,thanks

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    Hey...check out when this auction ended

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    lol,someone should be in charge of deleting,pay me and ill do all the deleting,lmk,lol

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