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Thread: updated trade page

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    updated trade page

    i have been lucky in the past few weeks opening packs...........rihgt now i am looking for marcus giles, miguel cabrera, JOSH WILLINGHAM, and braves auto's or rc's for my personal collection

    lmk what i have that you want

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    I need this bad. PLMK what the BV is. I have a Cabrera Topps Traded RC BV$15. I also have some Chipper GU. PLMK if you need any of those.

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    Oh. LOL. I'm really sorry. I need your Pujols/Chipper/?/? Quad GU Jerseys. PLMK what the BV is.

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    the chipper/pujols/sosa/hunter bv is 40$ its verrrry underbooked, i like the cabrera rc what condition is it in? not really interested in the chipper g/u, im tryin to trade off my g/u

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    Its in good condition. I could trade that and a Rafael Soriano Bowman Chrome rookie BV$20 and something else along with the Cabrera. Like I could throw in a $8 or $10 Mauer RC. PLMK.

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    how about the cabrera and one of your pujols rc's, i dont have one share the wealth lol

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    bravesfan- are you still interested in the 03 Fleer Focus Oversized Materialistic Auto I have of Chipper (BV $100, 80 made)? I am interested in the Delmon Young card.
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    no thanks, its gonna take a nice rc to get the young, and besides i have seen you offer the chipper and you said it was creased

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