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Thread: Vlad Guerrero auto FT

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    Vlad Guerrero auto FT

    Guerrero,Vladimir 00 SP Authentic Chirography BV 30.00 for trade...looking for another auto of similar bv...

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    id like a shot, check my site and lmk if ive got anything u like

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    interested in a 2004 Sweet Spot auto of Tony LaRussa? (#71/145) bv 25, could throw in something cheap, or a few bucks? let me know, thanks

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    Any interest in a 2003 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Absolutely Ink
    # AI-18 Jermaine Dye (No BV due to scarcity) ?


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    Bravesfan-only thing I saw as the Brett auto

    MHohen-thanks for the offer but not interested in the LaRussa

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    Hi Rick-I'd have to pass on the Dye. Thansk for the offer

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    Figured the Brett was more than the Vlad but didn't know the BV...hadn't bounced over to Beckett online to look it up

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    i dunno if its on beckett online, its a 1995 tombstone auto, i had to look it up in the beckett almanac

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