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    Rudi Johnson

    I just sent in 10 cards for grading with BGS and it was mostly bad news. I did get a 9 on a Bonds Fleer Update and just realized that is actually a good grade. My best grade though was this one:

    2001 Fleer Authority Prominence 75 Rudi Johnson 9.5

    That is Rudi's rookie and his rarest one I believe. Since he was not a huge name coming out I think this one limited to just 75 serial numbered copies may be his rarest. Then to get a Gem Mint 9.5 (the only one) this may be a great card next year. Unfortunately it was my only 9.5. I did get another football - an SP Signature Justin Fargus graded and it came back a 9.0. I would n't have sent that one in, but it looked perfect - guess not.

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    9.5 is a great grade for that card, it is a tough grade to get, dont feel too bad.

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    awesome return
    rudi is going to go NUTZ this year, RC QB or not. i would be quite content even if that was one of only a few to come back with a stellar grade...
    excellent card

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    Couldn't get the link to work.
    I'm hoping for and expecting big things from Rudi next year.

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