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Thread: Topps Jersey Edition for trade

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    Topps Jersey Edition for trade

    #JE-KR of Kareem Rush rc purple road jersey (Lakers).
    #JE-PP of Paul Pierce green road jersey (Celtics).
    #JE-RA of Ray Allen purple road jersey (Bucks).

    #JE-CBI of Chauncey Billups white gu (pistons).
    #JE-JMA of Jamaal Maglorie trq gu (Hornets).
    #JE-RL of Rashard Lewis white gu (Supersonics).
    #JE-RJ of Richard Jefferson white gu (Nets).

    2 packs of 03-04 and no rc's CRAP $23 down the tubs.
    lmk if interested. Would trade or sell for $2-$4 each.
    Except the Rush rc.

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    Do you know what the odds of pulling an RC is cause Ive been pulling a lot of Rc's out of TJE from the packs I have bought

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