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Thread: Want ALL tuiasosopo Cards

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    Want ALL tuiasosopo Cards

    I dont care if its auto's or GU or basecards or what I WANT LL card of marques tuiasosopo. let me know what u might have

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    2001 spx auto jersey (pic on my site, GU page), bv $40...looking for Ultimate Collection jerseys, 02 & 03 SP Authentic Threads, and Randle El.


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    To the first reply..what would u like..To the second one look at my site and see if there is anything at all you like..

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    Leaf Rookies and Stars RC card...Let me know if you want it.

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    to everyone who replyed or is going to poast..i need the BV on these cards to make offers..and to the 40 GU from the first reply..what would you like in

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    I would trade any of these raider cards for any of your autos.
    01 Quantum Leaf rc #206 bv $3.
    99 Bowmans Best "Honor Roll" #H5 of Charles Woodson bv not listed.
    98 Bowmans Best "Best Performers" #BP2 of Charles Woodson bv not listed.
    03 UD "Rookie Premiers" #RP-14 of Justin Fargas bv $2.
    03 Fleer Traditions "Classic Combinations" Marcus Allen/Carson Palmer #CC5 serial #1498/1500 bv $5.
    02 Topps Chrome rc #260 of Ronald Curry bv $5.
    03 Fleer Traditions "Tiffany" #216 of Rod Coleman serial #139/200 bv $2.
    03 Bowman rc #275 of Tyler Brayton $.75.
    01 Fleer Focus "Tunnel Vision" #TV11 of Tim Brown bv not listed.
    02 Playoff Prestige "Banner SEason" #BS39 of Todd Christensen serial #0867/1983 bv not listed.

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    Also found these
    00 Bowmans Best "Best Bets" #B11 of Jerry Porter.
    00 CE T3 "Future Legends" #FL12 of Jerry Porter.
    00 CE Odyssey "Qassuppp" #W16 of Jerry Porter.
    03 Fleer Traditions "Throwbacks" #TB1 of Marcus Allen.
    02 Topps Chrome "Own the Game" #OG6 of Rich Gannon.

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    Sorry only trade auto's and gu for other auto's and GU unless the cards are high end Sorry again

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