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    Thumbs up 2003-04 Topps Rookie Matrix Box Break..MOJO!!

    I am not in to NBA cards, but this was the only unopened box the shop had left until Friday. I was bored so I took a chance at some LeBron and Melo cards to sell off.

    There are 20 packs/box, 8 cards/pack
    You get 1 mini card, 5 base cards and 2 tripple rookie cards/pack

    The rookie tripple cards are not all the same. There are random 3 players together so you do not necessarily get the same 3 rookies on each card. They are kinda like the Bird/Magic rookies with the perforated cards. The base cards are of non-RC players like Shaq, A.I. and guys like that.

    Framed auto RC- Group A 1:7164, Group B 1:3175, Group C 1:2039, Group D 1:412, Group E 1:148, Group F 1:51, Group G 1:26
    Framed mini Relic- Group A 1:1259, Group B 1:372, Group C 1:473, Group D 1:792, Group E 1:219, Group F 1:51, Group 1:26
    Key Point Parallel- 1:659
    Topps Mini- 1:5
    Double Double- 1:13
    Tripple Double- 1:203
    Swish- 1:1693
    Rookie Frames M3- 1:13
    Rookie Frames Topps- 1:51
    Rookie Frames Double Double- 1:125
    Rookie Frames Tripple Double- 1:2235
    Rookie Frames Swish- 1:10,348
    Lottery Draw- 1:371

    This is my breakdown:

    Mini base cards:
    Shaq, Artest (Topps), K-Mart, Peja, Antowine Walker (Double Double), McDyess, Pippen, Chauncy Billups (Topps), Bonzi Wells, Mike Miller (Topps), Caron Butler (Topps), Jawan Howard, Bobby Jackson, Kenny Thomas

    Mini RC cards:
    Dahantay Jones (Topps), Leandro Barbosa (Topps), Keon Clark, Brian Cook


    Mini RC cards:
    Carmelo Anthony (Double Double) (Chances of getting this are 1:1859 packs) (MOOOOOJOOOOO!!!)

    Jarvis Hayes Rookie Frames Double Double- 1:125

    Mickael Pietrus Lottery Draw- 1:371

    Dwyane Wade Framed auto RC 1:25 boxes (SP RC auto)
    Troy Murphy Framed mini Relic (dunno 1 in how many due to groupings but at least 1:26)

    Tripple Rookies:
    LeBron Lightning background, Carmelo Backboard Background, Dwyane Wade Dark Background
    LeBron Dark Background, Darko Milicic Backboard Background, Carmelo building Background
    LeBron Building Background, Chris Kaman Backboard Background, Carmelo Dark Background
    Milicic Lightning Background, LeBron Backboard Background, Dwyane Wade Dark Background
    T.J. Ford Dark Background, Chris Bosh lightning/Building/Backboard Background, LeBron Building Background
    Chris Bosh Dark Background, Carmelo lightning/Building/Backboard Background, Hinrich Building Background
    Dwyane Wade Dark Background, Milicic lightning/Building/Backboard Background, Carmelo Building Background
    Carmelo Dark Background, Kaman lightning/Building/Backboard Background, Milicic Building Background

    I think this box was AWESOME!!! If I can find another, I plan to grab a box or 2 more.
    I have lots of other Tripple RC cards so if there is anyone else you are wondering about LMK and I will LYK if they are in the set. I only listed the RC cards with LBJ and Melo.

    LMK how you think I did.


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    Jim - Did you get any Cabarkapa / Stephen Jackson / Keon Clark cards ? PLMK.

    Thanks, Dave. :fro:

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    How much was the box (if thats not a rude question) and was it a hobby box? I know the matching box with no good cards is out there waiting for me to buy it.

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    Dave- Stephen Jackson is not in the set

    I have the Keon Clark card and

    I have3 cards of Cabarkapa
    they are:
    Lampe/Josh Howard/Cabarkapa
    Cabarkapa/Pietrus/Boris Diaw
    Chris Kaman/Cabarkapa/Kendrick Perkins



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    is the wade for trade? i could really use that

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    DAMN!!!!!!! there was a wade on ebay wtih a BIN for $25, I figured its too overpriced so I didnt bother picking it up, guess I should have, I busted a few packs and only got a double double framed david west rc..blah....

    nice break!

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    I don't collect NBA, but like I said it was the only unopened box they had right now and I was bored.

    I am gonna throw it up on eBay this week I think. I would like to get my $$ back and between the Wade auto and the GU and the Melo Mini I will have no problems doing it.

    I had no idea who Wade was, (Still don't) but I figured buying a box and getting some good LBJ and Melo cards was worth the shot. Being one of the harder ones to get (1:25 boxes) I am sure it will be a nice card to have.

    I saw the price of that card and nearly flipped.

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    That Wade is up to $50 with over 19 hours to go now. Man, I hope it keeps going.


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