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Thread: Autos for trade for inserts!

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    Autos for trade for inserts!

    looking to trade these for 2004 Topps Heritage Chromes #ed/1955...

    2003 Topps Retired Chrome Encased Darrell Evans AUTO (BV $10)
    2003 Topps Retired Chrome Encased Greg Luzinski AUTO (BV $20)
    2001 Leaf Limited Wilkin Ruan RC AUTO #ed/1000 (BV $10)
    2003 Topps Traded Signature Moves Jesse Foppert AUTO (BV $15)
    2004 Topps Chrome Jon Knott RC AUTO (BV $20, INCOMING)
    2003 Bowman Signature Mike Sweetney GU AUTO RC #ed/249 (BV $15-$25?, basketball)
    2000 Fleer Autographics Sebastian Janikowski RC AUTO (BV $20, football)
    2003 Bowmans Best Carl Ford RC AUTO #ed/499 (BV $12, football)

    looking for around double BV on these in chromes, possibly less if trading some of the higher end chromes...

    also have this incoming for trade, looking for an auto for it...

    2003 UD Game Face Mark Prior GU PATCH (3-COLOR) #ed/100 (BV $100)

    lemme know


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    if I am trading autos for $5 common inserts i would like over BV...around 2x BV

    however, if i am getting chromes of guys like Prior/Pujols/Bonds, i can trade at much closer to BV


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