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    New Project: Looking For All 2004 Cincinnati Reds 2004 GU/Auto's

    Title pretty much explains it all. Also looking for stuff in my sig. Let me know what ya got, also check my site to see if anything interests you.


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    Not 2004, but I have these:

    2003 Donruss Elite Adam Dunn auto/bat #d/100*
    2003 SPX Adam Dunn auto/jsy #d/1295
    2003 Playoff Piece of the Game Adam Dunn bat, serial #d 002/150*
    2002 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Adam Dunn jsy #96/199 (with pinstripe)*

    and I'm still interested in this:
    2003 UD Finite
    - Mark Teixeira Auto BV $25

    Anything we can work out?
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    Bdrr- 2004 Brands

    Cubs- I like this: 2003 Donruss Elite Adam Dunn auto/bat #d/100

    Yanksguy- What you need for it?

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    Do you have any autos not listed on your site? The D. Elite Dunn books $60...I could trade that Dunn SPx auto/jersey straight up for the Teixeira though if you wanted...both book $25. If not, is there anything I can add to the SPx Dunn to get the Teixeira? I have a Bowman Heritage Ryan Wagner rookie...could always throw in some cc too. LMK

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    I could do the SPX Dunn and some CC PM Me And we will try to "Get Er Done" LOL

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