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    i have every rookie from this year just check my site i will trade for gu's and sell them all for REALLY cheap!

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    CARMELO ANTHONY skybox autographics rc #'d/1500
    Lebron James Upper Deck on the air rc
    Carmelo ANOTHONy upper deck air academy insert rc
    Lebron James dairy LJ13
    Lebron James dairy LJ5
    Lebron James dairy LJ2
    Lebron James dairy LJ11

    Check my page.

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    I'm interested in these:
    Dwayne Wade Bookza topps
    BAZOOKA JOE RC'S Lebron James
    Dwayne Wade UD MVP
    Dwayne Wade Fleer Tradition
    CARMELO ANTHONY skybox autographics rc #'d/1500
    Tracy McGrady topps rc

    I have these cards up for trade:
    2001-02 Upper Deck Flight Team Flight Patterns AH Anfernee Hardaway BV $15.00
    Wally Szczerbiak 2001-02 Upper Deck 10th Power Game Jerseys WS-X BV $15.00
    Mike Miller 2000-01 SP Game Floor Authentic Floor BV $12.00

    I also have some cc and cash I can spend. LMK, if you want to trade or sell. Just PM if interested.

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    hey i like these. check my site and lmk if you see anything you like.
    also will you trade in my favor sence im trading down from gu to rc's ? lmk

    Dwayne Wade
    T.J Ford
    Maciej Lampe
    PlayGround Rules tradition insert RC's
    Kirk Hinrich
    Luke Ridnour
    Kirk Hinrich Tradition throwback threads insert rc
    Amare Stoudamire upper deck rc
    Kwame Brown topps chrome rc
    Yoa Ming ultra rc

    oh and by the way isnt dwayne wade the greatest. did you go to the game last night or on sunday. iv been to both and man this kid really gets the croud going . i love this guy lol hes the best thing that has happend to miami him and butler man those guy are great and exiting to watch.

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