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    Talking As usual, looking for all D-backs

    Please let me know what you have, thanks. I don't have that much to trade, but I have some stuff, so I am open to all D-backs, even commons.

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    Webb- 1) do they have to be current D-backs?
    2) do they have to be in D-back uniforms?
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    I have a 2003 Donruss Studio Private Signings Webb /100 BV 40. Email me if you are interested

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    Current or former doesn't matter, but they should at least have the D-backs logo on the card, even if they are not in there new uniform. Thanks!

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    I have a Luis Gonzalez 2002 Leaf Certified Fabric of the Game GU jersey /101, LMK if interested.

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    don't think we ever finished our trade we were working on!!
    lmk if you remember what we were trying to trade

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    soxfan445- Yes, I am very interested. I have some Berkman and Oswalt GU, if you are interested. I also have a bunch of other GU. LMK!

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    All I remember is a 2004 Timelines Curt Schilling common, but I know there was more. I'll see if I can find the posts.

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    I have these D-Backs RC's:

    02 Donruss Best of Fan Club Doug Devore/1350
    01 Donruss Elite Cust RC
    00 Ultimate Victory Alex Cabrera 66/100

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