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Thread: I need Brian Cooks

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    Heres what I have
    (2) 03-04 Topps Pristine Recruit Relics bv12
    03-04 Topps Pristine RC numbered to 499 bv12
    also got this encased mini from Rookie Matrix no bv yet
    check my site for my wantlist

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    I have 2 cards you may like a 2002/03 future inspirations draft card( needs to be redeemed) and a 03/04 UDwest/east coast Game Used w/ Cook and R. Gaines. Both cards are mint. PLMK if interested. Both cards $12.00 DLVD, thanks Mark

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    battie pm sent
    softballri dont have that much money but thanks
    kirkham what are you looking for plmk thanks

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    well i was looking for CC's or DewU points. but u can have it for $1 and a SASE.

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    hey I must have deleted your pm or something sorry can u send another one?

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