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Thread: Rickie Weeks Auto FT...

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    Rickie Weeks Auto FT...

    I have a 2003 Bowman Heritage Rickie Weeks Auto BV $30 FT...

    I'm looking to trade it for a Delmon Young Auto....

    PLMK if interested...I scan of the card is on my site.


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    I'm very interested but the cheaped young auto is like 75$ I'd be willing to offer you these offers

    Offer 1

    -Ivan Rodriguez,00 SPx Signatures Autograph Books $40.00

    Offer 2

    -Dontrell Willis,03 Bowman Heritage Autograph Books $30.00

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    I could possibly do the Pudge auto....Would you happen to have a scan?

    I'm going to give this thread a day to see if I can get a Delmon offer.

    I'll keep in touch.

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