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    Eckstein + Clemens LOW NUMBERED CARDS FOR TRADE!

    Have these two cards for trade or sale. Prefer to trade but will also sell. Im looking for Dontrelle Willis cards but will consider all offers. Scans will be posted on links later if i can get my scanner working. Here are the cards:

    David Eckstein 2003 Fleer Authentix #60 "Standing Room Only" #d 06/25 BV-$none because too scarce-Want $8 delivered or $15 in trade.

    Roger Clemens 2003 Fleer Showcase #30 "Legacy" #d 105/150 BV-$15.00-Want $7 delivered or $15 in trade.

    Please Let me Know!


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    I'd like to trade for the Eck, but I have no Willis cards. I will get you a list tonight!


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