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Thread: some new cards n today

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    some new cards n today

    03-04 Topps Pristine gu
    ray allen pristine generals
    darius miles pristine factor
    latrell sprewell pristine factor
    jermaine oneal pristine gems
    slavko vranes recruit

    troy bell c
    zarko cabarkapa c
    dahntay jones c
    dahntay jones r #ed 499
    boris diaw c
    brian cook c
    travis hansen c
    kendrick perkins c
    kendrick perkins u #ed 999
    luke walton u #ed 999
    jerome beasley c gold refractor #ed 99

    uncirculated rc refractor's #ed 1999
    nick collison c
    jason kapono c
    kendrick perkins c
    mickael pietrus c
    reece gaines c

    03-04 Bowmans Signature
    edition foil #ed 125
    mike sweetney rc

    silver #ed 249
    kenyon martin

    uncirulated rc auto's
    theron smith #ed 1250
    malick badiane silver #ed 249
    koko archibong #ed 1250
    ime udoka #ed 1250

    uncirculated rc auto/jersey
    josh howard #ed 1111
    keith bogans #ed 1250

    looking 4 bulls n return

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    i wish i had something for the bird or erving. id kill for those at this point. any interest in a shaq auto and a curry auto and a chandler jsy for one of em lol.
    all i can say is you made out like a bandit. no matter how many boxes you opened you got Bron, MJ, Bird, and DrJ.

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    bdrr thanks, the bird is pending and the erving is still being redeemed its n the packing up process i'll lyk when it comes n though

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    what would you sell the 3 kendrick perkins for?

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    not interested in trading, just buying at the moment, thanks anyways

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    uncirculated rc auto/jerse josh howard #ed 1111
    how much does this book
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