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Thread: Mannings a Giant!

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    Mannings a Giant!

    Id much rather see him play in New York than in San Diego, but the Giants gave them 2 first rounders a third and a 5th.....sounds expensive even for Eli. They didnt get that much for Vick lol.

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    so why did san diego keep the first pick and then trade him after pickin him..........thats confusing

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    The Chargers probably wanted to make Eli look like the biggest in the world, and it worked, cuz I'm totally convinced

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    Eli Manning didnt want to play for San Diego so therefore the Chargers Drafted him #1 and traded his rights for more picks in the draft!! Smart Move on there part IMO

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    They Chargers got one heck of a deal. They got rid of the most over-rated player in the draft and came out with 3 picks!

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    The Chargers get the QB they wanted (Rivers), a #3 this year and a #1 and #5 next year. They got the best deal they could.

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    Originally posted by RockfnBttm
    The Chargers probably wanted to make Eli look like the biggest in the world, and it worked, cuz I'm totally convinced
    I agree with Rock plus he looks like a spoiled lil siver spoon !

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    what I don't understand.....if everyone knows that he don't want to play for them, then wouldn't the Chargers have less "trade leverage"? Yet they still got so much for him.

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    Well technically they still have alot of Leverage. Since they drafted him he can either play for them, get traded, or simply never play. Remember in 91 the Raiders drafted Raghib Ismail.....he said he wouldnt play for them so he went to the CFL in 92 they drafted him again he stayed in the cfl in 93 they drafted him again and he said fo0k it and signed with the raiders. See the team that drafts you owns your rights for 12 months, then you can re-enter the draft.

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    oh, yeah, I get that..(remember my Buccaneers got screwd by drafting Bo Jackson who sat out)..I just meant that it would seem that a Eli Manning sitting out wouldn't be as valuable to SD as would a Philip Rivers whom they could sign...while of course Eli would be greatly valuable to NYG (unless you're Kerry Collins), but then he would also be just as valuable to any other team he'd potentially play for as well (so I guess I kinda contradicted my own point.....) and NYG had to make a good offer to Chargers or someone else would do better..

    Still what was it, three draft picks (including '05 1st Rd?) to move up only three spots...seems a bit much for one GM (who's not Mike Ditka) to give another. What if Collins leaves & Eli starts from day one...NYG could conceivable go 3-13 or so - hopefully not - (as Colts did with Peyton in his first year I think) and that next year #1 pick could be a very high draft pick again. Next year we'll be sitting here again saying "what will the Chargers do with the top pick" (or maybe even 2 of the top 5!)

    Also, don't get me wrong, if Eli is the QB his brother is, the price NYG paid will be worth it in the long run...they'll be making a Super Bowl run 5 yrs. from now while the Chargers are finishing up another 7-9 season.

    well, I'm rambling.... I'm out!



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