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Thread: Looking for Darko...

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    Looking for Darko...

    I am looking for all of the Darko cards that I can find. I am not going to buy, just trade.

    I am most interested in trading guys that were picked after Darko, but may trade others
    I am willing to trade anything on my site, but you better have some good cards if you want LeBrons, Anthony's, or GU's

    Check out my site at

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    i have these darko rcs;
    03-04 u/deck rookie exclusives
    03-04 u/deck rookie exclusives variation
    looking for david robinson or duncan.lmk

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    I will trade DARKO Pristine Uncirculated Untouched Refractor serial #1948/1999
    FOR: 2 out of these 3 your choice
    Amare Stoudamire----04 Fleer Patchworks Jersey 094/200
    Vince Carter----04 Fleer Authentics Jeresy
    Tony Parker----04 Flair World Leaders Jeresy

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    I have a:
    Hoops Hot Pros. Cream of the Crop

    I'll trade it for:
    these Kaman's- Bowman and topps chrome ref.

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    I have a
    03-04 Hoops Hot Prospects Carko RC numbered to 1000 bv 10

    Im interested in this
    TJ Ford----04 Bazooka Beginnings Jersey bv10
    Are you willing to do this 1 for 1 trade?

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    I already have the Creme of the Crops as well----both a #ed one and a regular one.
    I am looking for stuff in the 20+ range

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    Hey, replied to your PM. If you buy either one, I'll give you Dark Fleer Platinum RC for free. PLMK via PM.

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