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Thread: A Few Cards I Came Across

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    A Few Cards I Came Across

    Hey All

    I'm a hockey only collector but I found these 4 Baseball cards while I was cleaning up today. I don't know what they're worth but they're no good to me. I will trade them for hockey or new Toronto Blue Jays base cards of the star players. I will also sell cheap for cash or CC. Here's what I got:

    2001 Leaf Limited Paul Phillips Rookie #239 1334/1500 (Royals)
    1997 Pinnacle Certified Shannon Stewart Rookie #135 (Jays)
    1995 Fleer Rookie Update Alex Rodriguez #9 (Mariners)
    1992 Upper Deck Rual Mondesi Rookie #60 (Dodgers)

    LMK if anyone can use these or if you can give me a beckett value on them. Thanks!!

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    How much CC? The BV on those is no more than $7. (THe main thing s the Phillips)

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