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Thread: updated trade page

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    updated trade page

    i just put some new stuff on my trade page, lmk if anything catches your eye

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    i like your hank blalock auto, anything i can throw in for it?

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    maddux prime cuts (prolly wont get this, would be nice tho lol), psa9 adrian beltre & preston wilson auto (i know u wanna get rid of them), marte finest

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    03 ud classic portraits gold andruw jones 2/25!!!!!!

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    I could use the 2000 Bowman Berkman auto. lmk how much or what players you need

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    poglayen20- the hinrick is pending, but the jones is for trade, do u have a trade page?

    dpm- berkman auto bv $20, im looking for a similar bv auto preferably a marcus giles

    acbaseball- what would it take to get the marte finest?

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