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    Talking I need these Manny Ramirez cards!!!!

    Trying to find some of these cards for a friend. Any help is appreciated! LMK what ya have and how much cc shipped you want for 'em.


    Manny Ramirez
    02 MLB Showdown All-Star Game #17
    02 MLB Showdown #61 FOIL
    02 Upper Deck #166
    02 Upper Deck Diamond Coonnection #23
    03 Bowman's Best #MR
    03 Donruss Champions #39
    03 Fleer Rookies and Greats #58
    03 MLB Showdown #59
    03 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia #86
    03 Topps Chrome #365
    03 Topps Heritage #303
    03 Topps Opening Day #73
    03 Topps Pristine #53
    03 Ultimate Collection #29
    03 Upper Deck Standing O #15
    04 Playoff Prime Cuts
    04 Skybox L.E. #43

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    I think I have his showdown cards lying around some where ( I know I have is 02 foil), Ill let you know once I get back home. (im at school now)


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    Thanks Rockman! Just let me know how much cc you want for 'em.


    P.S. Love that lightsaber gif! ROFL!

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    Sorry dude I couldnt find it.

    However I did find a 2000 Manny Ramierz Promo card not the greastest condition though, just some edge chips and such.

    And I found a 01 Jason Giambi promo card if your interested.


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    What's the Giambi promo from? I'll check to see if I need it.


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    THe promo is a showdown card, doubt your interested but hey its one more for your collection lol

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    Actually, I would be interested in it. How much cc do you want for it?

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