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Thread: 52x SPX AUTO/JSY RCs for Trade

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    52x SPX AUTO/JSY RCs for Trade

    Do me a favor and acually read this

    OK, here is the deal. I am only trading for Lebron or Carmelo RCs. Not looking for Mo or anyone else right now. I will sell if the price is right, but I would rather trade. Trade offers can be left here or email to

    Please make offers, not just post, "Kaman /750 LMK". I really don't have time to search tradelist on sites to find out what I need to know. Do you have Lebron or Carmelo you want to trade. Thanks for looking. This is appx $1225.00 in Book, I will trade all of them for a Lebron SP Authentic RC /500.

    2003-04 SP Authentic Signatures Julius Erving (Dr. J)

    (# Avail)Year Brand Card# Player Book Value

    (1) 2003-04 SPx 156 Chris Kaman JSY AU RC $40.00
    (1) 2003-04 SPx 157 Jarvis Hayes JSY AU RC $40.00 (black)
    (1) 2003-04 SPx 159 D.Jones JSY AU RC $25.00
    (2) 2003-04 SPx 163 Troy Bell JSY AU RC $20.00 (1 green and 1 white)
    (2) 2003-04 SPx 164 M.Sweetney JSY AU RC $20.00
    (1) 2003-04 SPx 165 David West JSY AU RC $20.00
    (3) 2003-04 SPx 166 A.Pavlovic JSY AU RC $20.00 (2 white and 1 purple)
    (3) 2003-04 SPx 168 Boris Diaw JSY AU RC $20.00
    (1) 2003-04 SPx 170 Travis Outlaw JSY AU RC $20.00
    (2) 2003-04 SPx 172 J.Beasley JSY AU RC $20.00 (maroon)
    (2) 2003-04 SPx 173 Ndudi Ebi JSY AU RC $20.00
    (3) 2003-04 SPx 174 K.Perkins JSY AU RC $20.00 (green)
    (2) 2003-04 SPx 175 L.Barbosa JSY AU RC $20.00 (purple)
    (1) 2003-04 SPx 177 Maciej Lampe JSY AU RC $20.00
    (1) 2003-04 SPx 178 J.Kapono JSY AU RC $20.00 (maroon)
    (3) 2003-04 SPx 180 S.Vranes JSY AU RC $20.00
    (1) 2003-04 SPx 181 Z.Cabarkapa JSY AU RC $20.00 (purple)
    (4) 2003-04 SPx 182 T.Hansen JSY AU RC $20.00 (black)
    (4) 2003-04 SPx 184 Zaur Pachulia JSY AU RC $20.00
    (3) 2003-04 SPx 185 Keith Bogans JSY AU RC $20.00 (1 Blue and 2 silver)
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    Holy moly thats a lot of SPX Auto/Jsys did u pull all of them or trade for most of them?

    Anyways Im interested in these
    (1) 2003-04 SPx 155 D.Wade JSY AU RC $100.00 (black)

    (2) 2003-04 SPx 173 Ndudi Ebi JSY AU RC $20.00

    I got a lot of mid to high end Carmelo and Lebron stuff but heres what I can trade for it

    03-04 Topps Chrome Lebron BV 60
    03-04 Topps Pristine Carmelo BV 30
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Lebron Rookie Standout BV???
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Rookie Standout BV ???
    03-04 Topps Chrome Carmelo BV 40
    03-04 Topps Pristine Lebron BV 50
    And Ia slo got some of the Matrix 3 on 1 RC cards with Lebron and Carmelo if you interested in those
    Hinrich/Lebron/ Darko

    lmk what you interested in

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    2003-04 SPx 181 Z.Cabarkapa JSY AU RC $20.00
    what do you need for this

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    (1) 2003-04 SPx 162 R.Gaines JSY AU RC $20.00 (silver)

    ill give u $5 for ths lmk. if not how much cash u need for it cuz i really want this

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    I was going to do the set, but I am sitting on needing Lebron for this one and my SP Authentic set now and I know I can not afford to get both, so I am choosing to give up on this set and finish my SPA set.

    I traded for many and bought many. I only pulled 10 of them(and 2 carmelos)....

    I am probaly going to wait till tommorow evening to make an definitive trades. I want to play the field like Eli Manning. If you have any offers feel free to make them so I can mull over them.

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    03-04 Hardcourt Floor LeBron James LB-F (the real floor) bv$60
    03-04 Mystique Awe Pairs Lebron/Wagner /500 bv12 (gets 15 on ebay)

    if you need either, let me know- well try to work something out

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    ill give u these of carmelo for it

    04 UD MVP
    04 UD Honor Roll Superstar Tributes

    $18.00 BV
    i really want that gaines so lmk

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    I have a Topps Chrome Carmelo Anthony RC (BV$100) refractor if you are interested. I also can purchase his Black Diamond RC(BV$200?). I usually trade BV for BV but since your card is an auto jersey I would trade the Anthony for the Bosh or Wade SPx RC and a $20 card.

    I can also use these cards for sets:
    03-04 Bowman Signs of the Future Carlos Delfino
    03-04 Bowman Sophomore Strands Marko Jaric



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    kirkham08 - not selling at this point

    Update, looking for Marquis Daniels for lower end SPX RCs listed too

    Battie4 - I have a few offers to consider, so I will let you know.
    wrafman - same here...
    If you two can email me a firm offer to consider, it would make it easier to decide.

    bdrr - what were you looking at?

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    well, i like wade, but i need that Dr. J a billion times more. obviously would add in other stuff

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