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    will ne one buy team lots for like 1-2 bux plus 1 buck for shipping (bubbler and 2 stamps_.. lmk if u are interested as i can do this for other sports...will take orders on players and sets

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    don't you hate when people don't buy stuff like this i have tried like ten times but no one wants them well good luck if a had the money i would my one

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    u dont have 1 or 2 bux laying around lol... im really trying to dump some crads... i got a tayshaun prince box score rookie (really nice looking) lmk if u are interested.. u got ne ridnour??

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    it's kinda pending but iw uold be intersed in it plmk what you need

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    what does it book
    if high i'll trade this plmk thanks
    MORRIS PETERSON 02/03 fleer ultra ''o'' jerseys bv 12

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    this is the card

    2002-03 Fleer Box Score Box Score Debuts BSD13 Tayshaun Prince
    books 4


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