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    trade list

    MarshallFaulk--1994 SP
    Terrell Owens--1996 SP
    Stephen Alexander--SP Authentic 747/2000
    Champ Bailey--Flair Showcase 1555/1999
    Chad Penington--Edge T3 903/999
    Drew Brees--Bowman's Best 214/1499
    Santana Moss--Donruss Classics 41/475
    Jeremy Shockey--Donruss Gridiron Kings
    Jeremy Shockey--Fleer Platinum 376/500
    Andre Johnson/Santana Moss--Upper Deck Pros & Prospects
    Brandon Lloyd--Press Pass Reflector 272/500
    Tony Hollings--Bowman Chrome Red 119/235(uncriculated)

    Derrick Mason--Pacific Invincible Red 391/750
    Freddie Mitchell--Bowman's Best 625/999
    James Jackson--Bowman's Best 547/999
    Jesse Palmer--Bowman's Best 164/999
    Quincy Morgan--Fleer Hot Prospects Post Marks JSY 625/1875
    Reggie Wayne--Bowman's Best 475/999
    Robert Ferguson--Bowman's Best 161/999
    Santana Moss--Bowman's Best 440/999
    David Garrard--Topps Pristine Rookie Premiere JSY
    DeShaun Foster--UD Rookie Futures
    Donovan McNabb--Playoff Piece of the Game Materials JSY
    Donte Stallworth--Leaf Certified 329/800
    Jabar Gaffney--Titanium Post Season 167/435
    Josh Reed--Upper Deck Sweet Spot Gallery
    Andre Johnson--Playoff Hogg Heaven 127/750
    Bryant Johnson--Leaf Certified JSY 929/1250
    Bruce Nelson--Topps Fabric of America
    Carson Palmer--Topps Fabric of America
    Dominick Davis--Topps Fabric of America
    Eric Moulds--Prestige Gridiron Heritage 15/250
    Eric Moulds--Prestige Stars of the NFL JSY 107/250
    Ike Hilliard--Prestige Game Day Jersey(2 color)
    Josh Reed--Prestige Reunion JSY 108/150
    Julian Battle--Topps Fabric of America
    Kelley Washington--Topps Collegiate Cuts
    Kyle Boller--Gridiron Kings Royal Expectations JSY
    Larry Johnson--SP Authentic Threads
    Marshall Faulk--Fleer Genuine Insider Genuine Article
    Marvin Harrison--Sp Game Used JSY
    Travis Henry--Gridiron Cut Collection 92/375

    Brad Johnson--SP Authentic Players Ink
    Champ Bailey--Edge Triumph Signed, Sealed & Delivered Auto
    Pete Mitchell--Sp Signature
    Champ Bailey--Fleer Autographics
    Curtis Keaton--SPX JSY/Auto 924/2000
    Sherrod Gideon--Sp Authentic SOTT
    Bobby Newcombe--Pacific Auto Rc 1462/1750
    Chad Johnson--Bowman's Best
    Jabari Halloway--Pacific Dynagon Auto 661/699
    Jesse Palmer--Topps Autographs(TAJP)
    Marcus Robinson--Topps Finest Auto
    Sammy Morris--Bowman's Best
    Terrence Wilkins--Bowman's Best
    Andre Davis--Press Pass JE
    Daniel Graham--Sage Bronze 24/650
    David Garrad--Press Pass
    Donte Stallworth--Press Pass
    Dwight Freeney--Sage Silver 158/400
    Jabar Gaffney--Press Pass JE
    Josh McCown--Press Pass
    Josh Reed--Press Pass JE
    Kalimba Edwards--SP Authentic 108/1150
    Levi Jones--Press Pass JE
    Ron Johnson--Topps Debut Auto
    Billy McMullen--Sage Hit Silver
    Boss Bailey--Sage Hit Gold 56/250
    Brandon Lloyd--Sage Hit
    Bryant Johnson--Sage Red 353/360
    Dahrran Diedrick--Sage Hit
    Dave Ragone--Press Pass Power Pick 116/250
    Derrick Mason--Topps Auto
    Donnie Nickey--Sage Hit
    George Wrighster--Sage Hit
    Jason Gesser--Press Pass Silver 183/200
    Jerome McDougle--Sage Hit Silver
    Justin Gage--Sage Gold 96/140
    Justin Fargas--Press Pass
    Juston Wood--Press Pass
    Kelley Washington AU/P. Price--UD Pros & Prospects 1416/2000
    Kliff Kingsbury--Sage Silver 60/275
    Kyle Boller--Sage Hit
    Larry Johnson--Pristine Auto
    LeBrandon Toefield--Bowman Signs of the Future
    LeBrandon Toefield--Topps DP&P Class Marks
    Marcus Trufant--Sage Red 355/930
    Michael Haynes--Bowman's Best Blue 334/499
    Musa Smith--Sage Hit
    Quentin Griffin--Topps All American Auto
    Rashean Mathis--Press Pass
    Sam Aiken--Playoff Contenders Auto 301/664
    Sam Aiken--Sage Hit Gold 136/250
    Sammy Davis--Sage Hit
    Seneca Wallace--Topps All American Auto x2
    Sultan McCullough--Leaf Rookies & Stars Auto
    Talman Gardner--Topps DP&P Class Marks
    Tully Banta-Cain--Sage Hit
    Tyrone Calico--Bowman Signs of the Future
    Tyrone Calico--Sage Hit Silver

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    Josh Reed--Press Pass JE auto
    LeBrandon Toefield--Bowman Signs of the Future
    please pm me price on these

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    Reggie Wayne--Bowman's Best 475/999
    Robert Ferguson--Bowman's Best 161/999
    Santana Moss--Bowman's Best 440/999
    Carson Palmer--Topps Fabric of America
    Dominick Davis--Topps Fabric of America

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    LSU -- I'm not looking to sell as much as trade. I saw a Deuece McAllister sage hit auto on your site that I'm interested in. Let me know if we can work something out.

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    how about your:
    Sage hit Deuce McAllister auto $25

    For my:
    Josh Reed--Press Pass JE aut0 $12
    LeBrandon Toefield--Bowman Signs of the Future $12
    2003 Playoff Prestige Reunion Materials Josh Reed $10


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