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Thread: looking for clemens gu'ed

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    looking for clemens gu'ed

    anyone have any clemens game used cards they would trade for
    03 topps chrome record breakers of
    -robin yount(jersey)
    -carlos delgado(jersey)
    -cliff floyd(bat)

    03 topps 205
    -rafael palmeiro(jersey)

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    I have an 02 Fleer Showcase GU'ed jersey. I would trade it for the Yount GU'ed. I could throw in some inserts to make up the difference.



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    u have any other game used cards of anyone u would throw in instead of the inserts.

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    I have a 2003 Donruss Gamers GU'ed Jersey of Juan Gonzalez #ed to 500 I would throw in.



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    i can send first. it no problem. i have a game tomorrow after school so i probably wont be able to get it out until thursday. is there a certain way u like it shipped.

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    If you can send it in a bubble mailer that would be great, yours will be sent that way. Also can you put a note in there telling me what you should be receiving so I dont get it confussed with any other trades I am making this week.

    Thanks for everything


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