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Thread: Chicago will talk to Couch :D

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    Post Chicago will talk to Couch :D

    BEREA, Ohio - (KRT) - Tim Couch has another suitor.

    The Chicago Bears called the Browns on Wednesday and expressed interest in acquiring the Browns' quarterback.

    The Browns gave the Bears permission to talk to Couch and his agent, Tom Condon, about redoing Couch's contract, the first step in any possible trade.

    "We'll proceed with them the same way we proceeded with Green Bay," Browns coach Butch Davis said.

    What he didn't say was that it's always better when trying to trade a player to have at least two teams interested.

    Couch and the Packers have been talking for weeks about a new contract that could have sent Couch to Green Bay as Brett Favre's backup.

    Nothing was finalized, and now the Packers have competition from a division rival.

    Davis said he heard from Bears general manager Jerry Angelo early in the afternoon.

    The Bears have long been rumored as a team that might be interested in Couch.

    Chicago has Rex Grossman, a first-round pick a year ago, Jonathan Quinn and just-drafted Craig Krenzel of Ohio State at quarterback.

    It's conceivable that the Bears could be interested in bringing Couch in to compete with Grossman.

    Couch will not attend the Browns' minicamp this weekend. The team does not want him to get hurt at the facility, which would require them to pay his $7.6 million salary.

    The Browns have Jeff Garcia, Kelly Holcomb, just-drafted Luke McCown and Nate Hybl at quarterback - Couch's locker has been cleared out.

    In other matters, the Browns continue to try to talk to wide receiver Dennis Northcutt in hopes Northcutt might decide to return to the Browns.

    Northcutt missed the chance to become a free agent when he and his agent failed to void the final three years of his contract.

    It led to angry words being exchanged between the team and agent Jerome Stanley, with Stanley vowing Northcutt would never play in Cleveland again.

    But as trade possibilities for Northcutt dwindle - the Baltimore Ravens were interested, but acquired Kevin Johnson instead - the Browns hope to convince Northcutt his best option is to stay.

    The Browns have offered Northcutt a slight increase in pay for the next two years, with the promise that after two years he will be a free agent.

    Nobody knows if Northcutt will attend the minicamp.

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    This is also confirmed on :D

    I would love to see him play for either team....If he plays for the Packers he has the chance to learn from the best QB in the game...

    If he plays for Chicago he will compete for the starting job...

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    I wasn't married to the idea of Couch being a Packer. No hurt feelings here if he doesn't become one. The Bears are fools if they trade for him. Let Grossman get some game experience and prepare for the future.

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