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    Yao Ming Finest RC Refractor Auto BV $200

    i have this for trade along with many other things-check my site and offer me some trades for this yao-i want memorobilia of superstars and semistars that have a low bv-i also want superstar auto's and rookie gu's-PM me your interests

    and what you will give me for this yao because i am in the middle of a deal and if it doesnt work out i will do your deals so pm me your offfers

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    Topps Chrome Carmelo and Lebron + Kobe/Jordan SPX Dual Jersy for the Yao.
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    Dwaynewade man Ive been looking for this Yao for a while but can never get my hand son it but I got a lot of stuff you would want. I see you collect tmac I got about
    15-20 GU cards of TMAC that Im willing to trade
    Steve Francis 03-04 Fleer SHowcase Auto
    Shaq 03-04 Topps Pristine Auto
    5 or so J rich GU incuding one numbered to 50
    Lampe Sp Signature Rookie Logo
    I got melos, lebrons whatever you looking for

    AIM me or something Im sure with what I have we can work out a deal!!!! Check out my site for cards you might want. THe tmacs arnt listed but if you need a pic lmk I can post some on my site.

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    Guest you still have the Yao Finest refractor auto?

    If so, email at:

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    please check my site. if there is nothing there please let me know which players in particular you'd be looking for, i might let go of something from my PC. would not mind trading in your advantage with the stuff from my site.

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    hey I have a 03-04 Fleer SHowcase Tmac auto numbered to 380 that Im willing to trade bv 120 and I'll add some other stuff into the deal as well

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