I am looking to trade for these Tim Couch cards!

MultiColor Patches
Jersey Cards #'d 100 or Less (Any from 1999 Rookie Year!)
Helmet Cards (ANY)
Shoe Cards (ANY)
Hat Cards (ANY)
Low #'d Cards
Redemption Cards
Etopps (In Hand Only!)
Anything Unique of Tim Couch

(I also have a Tim Couch GU/Auto's Have list on my website)


Tim Couch 2002 Playoff "Piece of the Game" #POG-53 (White Swatch) Bv $15.00

T.J. Duckett 2002 Sage Hit Jersey #J4 (Green Michigan State Swatch) Bv $25.00

Deshaun Foster 2002 Press Pass Jersey #JC/DF #'d 154/225

Kevin Johnson 2000 Fleer "Feel the Game" GOLD #'d 41/50

David Boston 2001 Playoff Preferred "Preferred Materials" Jersey #50 #'d 569/600 (Red Swatch)

Frank Wycheck / Wesley Walls 2000 Stadium Club "All - Pro Competition" #'d 44/50 Bv $50.00

R. Jay Soward 2000 UD Encore "Rookie Helmet" (Black Helmet Piece) #H-RJ

Julius Peppers/Deshaun Foster 2002 Playoff Honors "Rookie Tandems" Double Gameball #RT-7 (w/Holes in both ball pieces)

Curtis Keaton 2001 UD Ovation Training Gear #T-CK (White Swatch)

Chris Chambers 2001 UD Top Tier "Home & Away" Duel Jersey White/Teal #HA-CC

Kevin Johnson 2001 Fleer Ultra "Sundays Best" Jersey NNO (White Swatch)

Kevin Johnson 2001 Pacific Private Stock Jersey #38 (Brown Swatch)

Freddie Mitchell 2001 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia "Rookie Premiere Materials" #169
Jersey(Green)+Ball(2Clr-L from NFL) #'d 184/850 (Jersey number is 84!)


Kahlil Hill 2002 UD Sweet Spot Auto Rc Ball Swatch #157 #'d 334/550 (Falcons WR)

Alex Bannister 2001 Pacific Auto/Rc #451 #'d 1549/1750

Adrian Murrell 1997 Leaf Auto 8x10 "Jets" (Certified from leaf)

Leeland McElroy 1997 Leaf Auto 8x10 "Cardinals" (Certified from leaf)

Chester Taylor 2002 Sage Hit Auto #H19

Tim Carter 2002 Sage Hit Auto #H2


John Elway 2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars (Longevity) #50 #'d 26/50 Bv $60.00


Fred McGRIFF (MLB) 2001 Topps Traded GU Bat Card #TTR-FM Bv $15.00

Frank Thomas 2003 Topps T206 Jersey Card #TR-FT "White with Black Pinstripe"

Jan Caloun (Hockey) 1992 Classic Auto #'d 992/1975

Vincent Yarbrough 2002-2003 SP Authentic Rc Auto #173 #'d 30/1500

Steve Francis 2002-2003 Hopps Stars "Superstars" Jersey - 2 Color Blue/White

Kwame Brown 2002 UD Play Makers "Players Club Game Jersey" #KW-J #'d 9/350

Thanks for reading and lmk if you see anything you like!

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