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Thread: Looking for all LUke Walton

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    Looking for all LUke Walton

    plmk what u have thanks

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    I got 2 03-04 Topps Pristine Luke Walton Recruit Relics and all 3 of his Pristine rookie cards. lmk if you interested. Check my site for my wantlist

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    heh deveandepot1, what do you want to do about the stuff i lost in our trade. you haven't responded since the cc offer.

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    i have a few yao base thats all i have from your wantlist is their anything else you need plmk thanks

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    i sent you a few shaqs and hardaways for now and was going to pick up something big to make up for the rest of the bv i hope that will be ok lmk via pm thanks

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    Im also looking for low to mid end autos

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    walton cards

    i have a 03-04 u/deck east coast/west coast jersey if you need it?lmk

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