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    How Escrow Works

    This post is a breakdown of how the Escrow process will work.

    Initializing Escrow:

    In order to start the process, there must be a confirmed trade in the Trade Manager in which both parties have agreed that the Escrow service will be used by one or both parties. To prove this, a thread must be posted in the Escrow forum by one of the traders and a follow up post made by the other trader confirming this.

    Once you posts mentioned above are complete, please contact Patriotsguy

    Escrow Shipping:

    When shipping to the Escrow mod, you agree to do the following:

    1. All items must be scanned into the Escrow thread prior to shipping. This is so everyone can see the condition of the items before it is shipped. Once it is packed up, a picture of the package must be posted in the thread. This is so everyone can see how the items were packaged before shipping.

    2. Ship with insured shipping as well as with delivery/signature confirmation. This is to show a record is made to show when a package has been shipped and received. Tracking numbers must be posted in the thread to all everyone the opportunity to track it.

    3. Send the Escrow mod (via cash or Paypal) the amount needed to send your package to the other trader. The Escrow mod will determine the amount of cost and contact you before shipping out the package. In the case of customs charges, that will be worked out between the two traders as the Escrow mod must be reimbursed for any Customs charges incurred.

    If this is a low-end trade, you may work with the Escrow mod in not having to get insurance on the package. However, some sort of confirmation service is a must.

    Mod Duties:

    Once the mod has received the package, the mod will do the following:

    1. Take a picture of the package as it was received and post it in the thread. This shows the condition in which the package was received.

    2. Open the package and scan all items and post in the thread. This is done to show the current state of the items.

    3. The receiving member will confirm if the items are satisfactory and they can be shipped or can question items and work with the other trading party on the issue(s).

    4. Once things are confirmed satisfactory, mod will repackage items as they were shipped and post a pic of the sealed package. Same reason as before.

    5. Mod will contact the sending party in regards to all shipping costs in order to mail out package (postage, insurance, delivery/signature confirmation) and any customs charges that was incurred if applicable. Postage and charges must be paid for at this time before the package can be sent.

    6. Once payment is received, the mod will ship out and post the tacking numbers on the thread.

    Finalizing Service:

    Once the final destination has been reached, the member confirms it by updating the Trade Manager and posting in the thread.

    If issues arise, it should be worked out between the two traders and/or through the Dispute Area.

    The Escrow mod will only step in should an insurance claim need to be filed due to damages or lost mail.


    For their time and effort in assisting the traders, the Escrow mod will receive a compensation of $10. It will be up to the traders to determine who will pay the Escrow mod. This money is refundable only if the Escrow mod does not perform the duties and agreements posted previously and below.

    SCF, nor the Escrow mod can or will be held liable for any trades gone bad. As mentioned previously, the Escrow mod will only step in should a claim need to be filed on a package the mod has sent.

    The sending trader agrees to cover all shipping costs in case a package must be returned due to damages or the other party not shipping their end.

    The Escrow mod will ship all items as it was shipped, so any liability for shipping issues falls on the sending party.

    If fees are paid via Paypal and a refund claim is made on the payment, the member understands [/SIZE]they will be suspended and possibly banned for filing a false Paypal claim as the Escrow thread will serve as grounds to prove all services were provided as agreed upon by all parties.


    If you have any questions, be sure to ask them before entering into an Escrow trade. You may contact patriotsguy with any questions you may have.
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