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Thread: Micheal Vick Rookie Patch!?!?

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    Micheal Vick Rookie Patch!?!?

    I have a Fleer Tradition Retro threads Mike Vick JERSEY card! Thing is that the Jersey is in fact 2 color PATCH!!! Card is beautiful with one minor flaw. The card came out of the pack with some whitening in the bottem left corner :( But it doesn't take away from the spledidness of this card!

    Why pay $1600 for a vick patch when you can get this one! It books at $60, but it is patch, and we all know that vick rookie patch's are extremly hard to find!

    Will sell for right price and will trade for right price. Take into consideration what you would feel if you pulled a card of this caliber? Vick patch rookie! It books at $60 but its patch. Think about the odds!

    Thanks for your time!

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    I am interested PM me if you see anything we can work a deal out for it. also I would like a scan as well.

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    interested, let me know what you collect, thanks! would offer $80-$90 if i can see a pic

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    Add me to the interested list. Check my site and let me know. Thanks

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    JonoBono-whats your wants for this card.....also send me a pic please

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    Everybody who said they were interested haven't come forward with offers.

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