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    Looking for Pie, Sisco, Sleeth, etc.

    Hey everyone. I am looking for any and all Felix Pie, Andy Sisco, and Kyle Sleeth cards. I am not looking for anything high-priced. I just mainly base cards or inserts. May deal for the right GUed. I have a lot to trade so let me know! Also, if you have bulk I may trade GUed for them. Thanks!


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    got a Felix Pie 2002 Just Stars Test Design Autograph PSA 10, looking for $40-50 BV

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    i have in pie
    4 2003 bowman heritage
    1 2004 bazooka
    1 2003 bdp
    1 2003 topps
    2 2004 topps heritage
    plmk if u want these

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    2004 Cracker Jack PIE
    #181 and #80[cards look the same to me but have diferent numbers on the back] (this is the 18 year old who plays for the cubs right as the cards have no first name and I am not that good with baseball)
    $1.50 DLVD

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    MJackson - thanks for the offer but not looking for autos... just base and maybe some GU.

    mfweiland - I was hoping to trade... anyone you collect?

    kthudmon - I can use them all what is BV of them? Who or what are you looking for in return? I will trade a gu for them but 1/2 or so value of the cards BV combined. LMK what you think!

    Thanks guys... now... anyone have Sleeth or Sisco?? :) Thanks!


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    sjncomic-I just collect basketball and mainly just the guy in my sig

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    I have a Pie Bowman chrome rc , a sleeth topps heritage chrome rc, and a Sisco bowman Chrome rc

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    Just found a Andy Sisco 2003 Bowman first year card that I would throw in with Pie's for the $1.50

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    crazylox - what is the BV on those all together?

    mfw - let me get back to you on that later today. I appreciate you looking for the Sisco too! I will get with you!


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    cool Stephen. Since you seem so nice how about we go $1 DLVD so I can at least cover my shipping costs lol

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