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Thread: pr0phets b-day time trivia

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    pr0phets b-day time trivia

    Well since I am going to be doing a small job tommrow morning on my b-day I figured that it would be ok to start a tad early

    I am going to be giving away 125 CC per question for people who can tell me what movie this line came from.. They always put a smile on my face when I hear them and thought why not have some b-day fun..

    I will be on and off all day to post up a new line once the previous one is correct. Please keep it one post per movie line guess to give all members a chance...

    I have 3 in store.. here is line one

    "Stop trying to hit me, and hit me"

    good luck

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    damn lefty was fast... Ill put up my second one right away and transfer the CC for ya lefty.. congrats


    For this one.. I dont think its EXACT but its very close
    Quit thinking police and start thinking playstaion

    I wont be putting up the last one if you guys get this one right away till sometime tommrow


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    SURPRISE lefty wins again... CC for #2 will be there shortly.

    I didnt expect to be on this long to be honest... If i need to i will come up with one more sometime tommrow

    #3 wont be till tommrow some time

    thanks for lookin

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