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Thread: Anyone have Mark teixeira?

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    Anyone have Mark teixeira?

    Looking for anything of him that I dont have, I dont have much....just a few base cards, 03 Fleer Hot Prospects auto #ed to 400, 03 Fleer Mystique jersey and 04 Donruss Classics Patch #ed to 25. Lmk!!

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    I have the UD Minor League Star Jersey #ed 01/25. PLMK.

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    i think i have 2 of his gu cards, his diamond kings base card, showcase base card, i'm sure i have more somewhere, lmk i fyou need them

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    borch, I could use that. What are you looking for in return?

    akoch, I could use the base cards, which Gu are they?

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    I have the following that I am willing to trade!

    02 Donruss RR #211
    03 Topps FS #324
    03 UD 40 Man #180
    03 Upper Deck #329
    03 Vintage #304
    03 Fleer Double Header (w/Prior) #249

    I am looking for Greg Maddux & Matt Kata cards that I do not already have. I'll also trade for current Diamondbacks Players (in DBack uniform only). PLMK if you want/need any of these cards.
    Always looking for Greg Maddux cards, auto's, GU, etc.

    Maddux Collection - 1692/6772 25%

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    coolAZdad, i could use them all. Do you have the total BV on them? I know offhand i have an 03 tradition Update Kata Rc and a 04 Donruss Kata rated rc, lmk.

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    bravesfan, interested....could you please list the base cards you have so i know if i need them or not?

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    ok, itll take about 5 mins., while im at it ill see if i can help you with the bowman draft

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