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Thread: Ichiro GU/Auto 03 Playball

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    Ichiro GU/Auto 03 Playball

    I am either goning to trade this card or sell it. It is the game used autographed insert from the 2003 UD Playball set. I will entertain your offers. Looking for rookies (high end), any LeBron James, Joe Borchard, vintage pre 1969. Have a good one.

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    I misspelled going in the above post and the card is numbered 22/50 and is very mint.

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    $400 is Current I believe. If I trade I want as much as I can get, I would obviously sell at around half.

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    Check out my site and lmk, I also have a Bonds pristine auto instead of the Clemens.

    do you have a scan of this?

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    Yes I do have a scan. I can scan any of the cards I post unlike alot of deadbeat traders.

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    where can I see it at? I just want to make sure its the card Im looking for because thats a lot to give up.

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    email me at and I will send you the reply with the pix. Thanks.

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