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    Need 2004 Skybox Rare Form autos..

    I'm attempting to go for this auto set and I have the hardest one out of the way(Delmon Young). This is only a 9-auto subset so I shouldn't have that much trouble completing it. I'm only looking for the level-1 autos(the ones #d/299)

    *red denotes I currently own*

    1 of 9 RFA Dallas McPherson 3B Anaheim Angels
    2 of 9 RFA Delmon Young OF Tampa Bay Devil Rays
    3 of 9 RFA Rickie Weeks 2B Milwaukee Brewers
    4 of 9 RFA Brandon Webb P Arizona Diamondbacks
    5 of 9 RFA Matt Kata 2B Arizona Diamondbacks
    6 of 9 RFA Edwin Jackson P Los Angeles Dodgers
    7 of 9 RFA Rocco Baldelli OF Tampa Bay Devil Rays
    8 of 9 RFA Angel Berroa SS Kansas City Royals(Incoming)
    9 of 9 RFA Rich Harden P Oakland Athletics

    LMK if you can help me out.
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    I have an Angel Berroa one of these. Are you looking to buy or trade?

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    Do you have a scan? And whats it numbered to? I can buy(at the right price) or trade...depending on what you're looking for.


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    I'm going to update my website this afternoon, I'll have a scan for you within the hour.
    What would your buy offer be? There are also a couple of cards on your site that I am interested in.

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    Here is one that sold on ebay for $2.50.

    What do you think is fair? Also, Do you have paypal?

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    LOL, the one I bought (that one is mine) sold for $1.75. I probably would trade.

    And just to let you know, the May 2004 Beckett lsits the Blalock sig on your site (one that I am interested in) as $15, but online it is listed as $25. Ijust wanted to let you know so that someone doesn't rip you off.

    The pic should be up within 10-15 mins.


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    I can give you $3 via paypal for it...LMK

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    I would probably like to trade. A picture of the card is up on my website.
    I'm interested in your Blalock and your Beltran autos, and I'll look again to see if I see anything else.

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    I could possibly trade the Beltran...I'm going to hold onto the Blalock for a while...

    I would really like to buy but I can also trade.

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