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Thread: Mark Prior auto for trade!

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    Mark Prior auto for trade!

    I have decided to maybe try to trade one of my Mark Prior auto, It is a 03 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Signatures, #US-MP and serial numbered 210/299, BV-$100, Would consider trading it for another high end auto, here is a scan, but it is not a good pic...cheep camera, will listen to all offers in baseball only



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    how about a Ralph Kiner 2003 Topps All time fan favorites autograph BV $100 and maybe some Prior inserts and commons

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    Thanks for the offer, but I should of mentioned I was looking for a current player in return

    Thanks for the offer :)


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    Maybe a Gary Sheffield 2003 UD PAtch Auto $60 and a Vladimir Guyerrero 1998 SP Authentic Auto $40 and some Prior inserts

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    Thats a nice offer, Let me see if any others come my way on it


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    I like that Swet Spot Prior auto..nice card..What BV on your Griffey auto



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    im interested, i can get a 2000 sp pat burrel auto tomorrow, lmk if ive got anything else i can throw in with that

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    I am still interested in the Burrell RC, I dont know what to offer though, I dont have alot right now


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